About Us

The need for explaining the real Hindutva to the world has inspired us to create this Real Hindutva website.

The basic reasons and facts behind this need are explained as under-

1)  Due to various reasons currently Hindutva is not properly discussed, explained, propagated, represented at various platforms. Taking advantage of this fact the anti Hindutva lobby has tried it’s level best to defame the real Hindutva for their own vested interests. They have equated Hindutva word with fascism. For example if you just view various debates on Cow Vigilantism conducted on  national Television channels you will agree with this fact.

2) To serve their vested interest Hindutva is projected as Bramhin dominated sanatan dharma and  deliberate efforts are made to tell twisted historical facts and to vitiate the minds of  Hindus from various selected  target groups.

3) The ultimate intention of these vested interests is to attack on the integrity of our country with the help of divisive tactics.

4) Politicians of various political parties are investing their energy, time and money in these efforts with a view to gain political mileage out of it and to dislodge present dispensation and to grab power.

5) Some known  and some un known powers have come together  in our country and have fuelled the anti CAA protest by fear mongering in the minds of Muslim citizens. Political parties like Congress, Communist parties, some other regional parties, Lyutians Intellectuals, some Journalists and Media houses are part of this group who are working overnight to keep the anti CAA protest going. Their intentions are creating anarchy in our country and to defame our Country in Internationally. There is another angle of vote bank politics/consolidation to it and hence particularly the Muslim/ Dalit  citizens are targeted by these people.

6) Many of the present websites on Hinduism/ Hindutva are presenting the Hinduism/ Hindutva in either traditional way or with unnecessary aggressive/provocative information/statements. No present website has inclusive, progressive, contemporary agenda. We think that main purpose of   every effort for Hindutva should be the consolidation of Hindus for common good of Hindus and ultimately that of our great nation.

7) We firmly believe that the Modern Hindu is not in favor of Karmakanda. He is against blind faith but he is devote &  faithful and he is  proud to be a Hindu.  We think the present day Hindu is a global Hindu ready to conquer the world. The Hindu youth today is  rational, knowledgeable, open minded and he wishes to join the Hindutva movement which is  progressive & inclusive.

8) We found out that there are many religious Hindu sects/groups who are staunch supporters of  Hindutva but are never recognized so by other Hindus or the world. Theses groups/sects have kept the Hindutva movement alive in Hindustan. Many sacrifices have been made by them &  their ancestors. These groups/sects deserve recognition from the world. We have decided to publish their information  for the knowledge of the world.

9) Hindutva as described traditionally by many is a Socio Political force to unite Hindus against foreign influences. We firmly believe that in today’s context this definition shall be improvised as “ HIndutva is a Socio- Political – Economic force to unite Hindus against foreign influences and the threats within India from radical muslims.” We should unite Hindus economically also to be able to fight with the radical Islamist forces within India.

10) This website  shall  be a  platform for  all open minded  Hindu brothers  and sisters  who are willing to work for the divine cause of Hindutva and for betterment and progress of all Hindus and our great nation.